SpinSys,  a leading provider of enterprise-wide medical, legal and financial solutions to Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies, proudly announces today that it has been named the 2013 Red Hat Innovation Award for Best Middleware Implementation. The Red Hat Innovation Award identifies Red Hat users, customers, and partners for their exceptional use, innovation and extension of Red Hat and JBoss solutions that overcome technology challenges and enhance their bottom line.

The Red Hat Innovation Awards recognize technological achievements that demonstrate creative thinking and determined problem solving with leading solutions and best practices. It honors the individuals, companies and partners that have forged new ground by implementing Red Hat solutions in inspiring ways. Specifically, the Best Middleware Implementation award honors SpinSys as a company that most successfully illustrates cutting-edge utilization of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio.

“SpinSys is truly honored to be recognized as the 2013 Red Hat Innovation Award for Best Middleware Implementation. By partnering with Red Hat and utilizing their JBoss Enterprise solutions, we are able to provide our customers with products and services that reduce risks, cut costs, and enable faster, more informed decision making,” says President and CEO of SpinSys, Wael Ali. “The collaboration between SpinSys and Red Hat highlights a range of expertise in Red Hat technologies, and demonstrates SpinSys’ commitment to the global open source community and to helping its clients leverage the flexibility, performance gains and economic benefits available through open source technologies.”

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