SpinSys replaced a legacy case management product with a modernized enterprise solution, for one of the world’s largest law offices, using a commercial off the shelf product, customized it without programming, migrated thousands of business rules and deployed it successfully in 18 months.

A major civilian government agency had contracted to a large vendor to develop a unified system for tracking legal case matter, in the setting of an enterprise law office. The original estimated budget was $128M, but costs had soared to over $257M, of which the government had already spent $64M with no viable solution to show for it. The contract was subsequently canceled and the department decided to take on smaller, more targeted efforts saving over $100M.

SpinSys was part of the more economical solution with our migration of their legacy case management system and implementation of our legal case management COTS solution.

SpinSys deployed SBF Cases, our matter management commercial product, and implemented it for a fraction of the original projected cost. SpinSys successfully delivered the project on time and budget.

Key accomplishments included:

  • Assessment of the current/legacy environment – review of the current software configuration & code and the system configuration

  • Documentation of findings and recommendations regarding the best migration approach

  • Provision of a detailed project plan and approach for platform upgrade and system modernization

  • Establishment of new virtualized environments and the implementation of an iterative migration and development approach

  • Deployment and validation of a final system

  • Provisioning of end user documentation and training

  • Post deployment and production support

The case management system remains a very dependable system with no major faults because of SpinSys’ high quality of support. Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today.

This effort involved a complex system migration to be accomplished in an 18 month timeline:

  • Migration of approx. 18,000 business rules

  • Consolidation of over 360 user interface screens down to 180 user interface screens

  • Supported development of over 900 reports and provided the infrastructure for expanded reporting capability

  • Supported over 1,000 different users within more than 16 business units with 123 security roles utilizing the SBF security model, thereby eliminating the need to develop custom screens to support data filtering and system access

  • Accomplished all of the above without migrating the data or the underlying database